BeChallenge methodology y Reimagine Education Lab establish a strategic collaboration agreement to promote and facilitate the processes of innovation and educational change.

It has been years since we began to react to an environment that is moving faster and faster every day. We are entering an environment that is moving towards unprecedented and radically uncertain transformations, from the paradigm of books to the paradigm of soft skills. In the face of this, we are experiencing a true educational springtime in the world, with thousands of educators and hundreds of institutions moving towards profound experiences of change... but often all of this involves a lot of effort, and it is not easy.

This is the reason why many schools and universities that have been incorporating innovations for some time need to change phase and move from action-focused, course-by-course innovation to a profound transformation of education (paradigm shift). This is a process that will take several years and for which it is necessary to have a medium and long term vision that knows how to combine the global strategy, the mobilization of the educational community, active pedagogy, technology at its service and, above all, a change in the way we look at and the meaning of everything we do.

In this context, BeChallenge joined forces with Reimagine Education Lab led by Xavier Aragay.

BeChallenge methodology offers a learning platform through active methodologies where you can generate guided workflows based on Design Thinking and carry out learner-centered learning processes in a digital, social and gamified way.

Reimagine Education Lab accompanies, promotes and implements change processes and experiences of profound transformation in universities, schools, school networks and other educational institutions.

We combine experience, capacity and enthusiasm to offer a better and more integrated service to all those educators and managers who wish to move forward on this path of transformation. Among other synergies, we offer a new platform that supports the change of teams and classrooms from instructional structures to peer-to-peer knowledge generation structures.

Thanks to this agreement, institutions working with Reimagine Education Lab will benefit from the use and content of the BeChallenge platform, which will be useful for educational transformation processes and will provide both management teams and teachers with a tool for the transition between traditional and 21st century education.. If you want to know more, get in touch with us and we'll talk together.


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